Quality Policy


DINVINCOM Group is an enterprise that operate in the field of Design Consultancy and Construction of Civil and Industrial works.

DIVINCOM’s consistent policy is to provide the Client with the best quality construction products and services in accordance with the Investor’s budget. This policy has been established from the time DIVINCOM was founded and started operating.

DIVINCOM always understands that, when making investment decisions, investors always want to receive construction products on time, with durability, absolute safety, and high aesthetics with utilities in the process of use or production, with a thorough warranty and cost within the limits allowed by the investor.


DIVINCOM commits to meet the above legitimate requirements of investors on the basis of:

DIVINCOM has recruited and trained a team of engineers, design architects, supervising engineers, and a team of highly qualified foremen and loyal to the Company’s quality policy. At the same time, DIVINCOM has policies to encourage them to contribute to the success of the Company.

DIVINCOM has a wealth of experience and resources to meet the complex problems of new construction technology and technology. Therefore, Divincom ensures to always provide investors with the best construction products.

Strictly control the supply of building materials, technical materials of high quality, with clear origin, sufficient information to make an important contribution to the quality of works.

The quality policy of Divincom
The quality policy of Divincom